Case Results

Out of State Warrant and Second DUI Charge Dismissed

Published: Dec 29, 2016 in Criminal Defense, DUI

Recently, skilled DUI and Chicago criminal defense lawyer Michael O’Meara represented a man from California, who was not only charged with his second DUI offense in Illinois, which could result in jail time, community service, expensive fines, and suspended driving privileges, but he also had…

Man Sees Expungement in Criminal Trespassing Case

Published: Dec 27, 2016 in Property Crimes

Not long ago, a man found himself in the unsettling position of being charged with criminal trespassing and knew that a conviction for a property crime in Illinois, even if it is a misdemeanor can have significant consequences. Since the man did not want to…

Man Protects Driver’s License After A Chicago DUI

Published: Dec 23, 2016 in Criminal Defense, DUI

A man in his 50’s was recently stopped by police and found himself in the precarious position of being charged with a DUI in Illinois. Since the man allegedly refused to submit to a breath test, the man was understandably nervous about the possible repercussions….

Man Retains Driving Privileges After Drugged Driving

Published: Dec 20, 2016 in Drug Crimes, DUI

Not long ago, Chicago criminal defense lawyer Michael O’Meara aided a man in his 20’s when he faced the harsh realities of being charged with driving under the influence of drugs. Apparently, after being stopped by the police, the man submitted to a blood test…