Client Testimonials

"Last year I received my second DUI charge and this was during court supervision for my first DUI. I contacted Michael O’Meara and let him know my situation. He treated me with respect and dignity in a time when it is tough to feel that you have either. I was looking at losing my license for a minimum of 3 years and a real possibility of jail time. The worst part was this probably would have cost me my job and my livelihood. Mike was able to take my second DUI to a bench trial and get a “Not Guilty” verdict. This was absolutely fantastic!

Beyond that, I was still looking at losing my license for not taking the blow test, for a second time, and still losing my license for a possible 3 year, due to Statutory Suspension. Michael O’Meara also tried summary suspension case and won. My license was returned and I can move on with my life. By getting a “Not Guilty” verdict on the second DUI, I was able to complete the court supervision on the first case, which enabled me to maintain NO DUI convictions on my criminal record. This also saved me an enormous amount of time and money in classes and fees. In the end, Mike really helped me! There is no other attorney I would ever consider if I found myself in a tough situation. I owe Michael O’Meara alot and thank him for treating me with respect, compassion, and his excellent skills as a defense attorney."

- O'Meara Law LLC client

I used Michael O’Meara’s services for my third DUI. When I contacted Michael for counsel, he was very direct and clear on all of the possibilities and consequences, and how different scenarios could possibly play out up front. He did not lead me on with wishful thinking or give unrealistic outcomes.

Michael navigated through the courts and used every possible legal angle so I could avoid spending any time in jail. I was facing not only prison time but also a minimum of 90 days in jail if found guilty, since this was my third DUI and my blood alcohol level was more than double the legal limit.

Due to Michael, I did not spend any time in jail. Not only did Michael show up to every court date fully prepared, he was also available anytime I needed to discuss my case. I had a very real problem with alcohol and Michael told me that if I ever needed to talk at all, to contact him, so as to avoid me drinking and driving again, making my situation worse than it already was. There were several instances when I did contact Michael at inopportune times, and he made time for what I needed. This type of service and his concern for me is not something that is commonly found in an attorney.

I must also state that if someone has more than one DUI offense or an addiction problem you need to rid yourself of the insanity. I recommend checking yourself into an inpatient program to really get the help you need. I did this for myself through Cornerstone of Recovery in TN and it was one of the best things I could have done for myself. I highly recommend this facility to anyone in need of any kind of help. Not only did this help my life, it also greatly assisted Michael in keeping me out of jail.

My case was completed over 6 months ago and Michael has followed up with me just to check and see how I am doing. I would HIGHLY recommend the services of Attorney Michael O’Meara to anyone who is in need of legal council.

- O'Meara Law LLC client

"I retained Attorney Michael O’Meara for a DUI case. He charged one flat rate regardless of the number of times we went to court. I made my money back on the first court date by him filing immediately to have my license reinstated. That saved me from having to have a breathalyzer installed in my car, monitoring fee, and other fees associated with the process. It took a year, and numerous court dates (no additional fee), but was able to get the DUI thrown out even though I blew a .229 at the police station. I would recommend Attorney O’Meara, because he is not trying to get paid for every little thing he does. His passion is to win, and based on my experience, he will stay on the case until he achieves that objective!"

- RV

"Michael O’Meara represented me in my DUI case. It was a complicated case that involved more than one county and therefore more than one jurisdiction. He provided me with excellent legal counsel and took me through the process every step of the way. I felt informed, represented, and most importantly, confident in his expertise. Mike has a thorough knowledge of the law and, given his experience as a former prosecutor, knows the prosecutors involved and what to anticipate in trial situations. Mike made sure that I had all of the information I needed to make the most informed decisions and helped me get the best possible outcome for my case. Most importantly, I felt that he was invested in me and that he did all that he could to ensure I had a favorable outcome. The outcome was in fact favorable and I am certain that it was due to his sound advice and guidance. I highly recommend Mr. O’Meara."

- O'Meara Law LLC client

"I learned about Mr. O’Meara through two friends that he previously represented and they both spoke very highly of him. I retained him for a DUI charge that was brought against me. I was instantly impressed upon first speaking with him because he was very informative and told me all the restrictions/stipulations that a potential DUI charge could carry without instilling a false sense of hope in me. He always maintained professionalism and kept an open line of communication, keeping me aware of every detail during the court proceedings. Needless to say, we were victorious with the DUI case!! I would definitely, without hesitation, recommend his legal services and expertise to anyone seeking counsel."

- Pat

"I am so appreciative of what Attorney Mike O’Meara has done for my family and me. I’m a mother of three daughters, I’m a wife, and I worked as a Chicago police officer. I encountered a situation that caused me to be faced with seven felony charges. I had given several attorneys a call but Attorney O’Meara was the only attorney that presented an initial feeling of understanding, competency, and open-mindedness.

This situation was very stressful for me and there were times that I could not keep my composure. I am grateful for Attorney O’Meara because not only was he very supportive he was also very positive and included me in every aspect of my case. During the two years of Attorney O’Meara representing me he has always provided me with unquestionable expert advice. Attorney O’Meara is strategic, charismatic, and resilient, all excellent qualities of a successful attorney. I highly recommend Attorney O’Meara not just because my case resulted in a monumental victory to include the jury returning a not guilty verdict in less than 45 minutes, but he is an attorney who truly cares."

- O'Meara Law LLC client

Michael O’Meara is a very professional, get down to business, and ready to fight for your rights lawyer. He represented me on a third DUI case as well as driving with a revoked license. I was looking at jail time since it was not my first DUI offense and I had multiple charges against me. Michael was very to the point and told me what I was facing based on the charges. He was very knowledgeable, answered all of my questions truthfully, and was very honest with what could happen. We went through several months of court appearances and once the evidence was presented to Michael, he went over every detail with me several times on the phone and face to face. He explained to me what he found, gave his recommendation on the next steps and how to proceed going forward. With his recommendation, knowledge of the law and his experience, my case resulted in a victory, with all the charges dropped against me.

I highly recommend Michael, not just because my case resulted in a victory, but because he is very knowledgeable and tells it like it is. I was very impressed from start to finish. He was always available to answer any of my questions or concerns. By far, a great lawyer and a phenomenal person to have on your side.

- O'Meara Law LLC client