Why Hire a Chicago Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Having an experienced Chicago criminal defense attorney by your side when you have been arrested or charged with committing a crime is indispensable. Many people make the mistake of delaying finding a good attorney, which can be a costly mistake. Every criminal case is different, but regardless of the kind of case involved, the early and effective representation can make a difference in getting a favorable outcome.

Criminal charges have the potential to result in a conviction which comes with incarceration, hefty fines, criminal records, and other negative consequences for your present and future life. Even so-called minor crimes can have unexpected negative consequences if it results in a conviction. Having an experienced Chicago criminal defense lawyer may help mitigate these negative outcomes and may even result in a full dismissal of the charges against you.

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Early Representation

Having an attorney right away can help alleviate the anxiety and stress of not knowing what happens next. The criminal justice process is extremely complex and involves extensive paperwork, interactions with law enforcement, attorneys, and the courts, and various procedural hurdles. A simple mistake can lead to terrible consequences. An experienced criminal defense lawyer understands the criminal justice process and can explain every step, from the criminal investigation to the filing of charges, plea bargains, trial, and sentencing.

An attorney who has decades of experience with the system can help you anticipate the prosecution’s next steps and evaluate favorability of plea agreements, opportunities for alternatives to trial, and potential defenses that you might be able to raise at each step of the process. If you get an attorney before formal charges have been filed against you, they may be able to communicate effectively with the prosecutors and negotiate lesser charges – even a full dismissal, depending on the circumstances.

Having a Knowledgeable and Trustworthy Advocate

People who have been arrested or charged with a crime are often very emotional and stressed regarding their situations and would naturally want to start sharing their side of the story with law enforcement. However, this unfiltered disclosure may end up exposing you to even greater criminal liability and hurt your defense. Having an attorney from the outset will allow you to determine the best way of communicating with the prosecutors and the court.

Being questioned by the police can be risky without legal counsel. The Constitution provides those accused of a crime with the right to remain silent and to refuse to self-incriminate. You must inform police officers right away that you have legal counsel so they will cease all attempts to question you.

Your attorney can also help you secure evidence and witnesses in support of your defense. Police and prosecutors have extensive resources to build a case against you, and having someone by your side who is dedicated and who will spend the time necessary to mount an effective defense strategy will help you leave no stone unturned. An attorney will ensure that every facet of the case and possible defense is fully explored for your benefit.

Chicago Criminal Defense Lawyers

Michael O’Meara with O’Meara Law LLC has decades of experience helping people in Chicago with their criminal cases. For over 20 years, he has advocated on behalf of those charged with crimes in Chicago and helps ensure that their rights are protected from police and prosecutorial overreach.

If you or a loved one is has been arrested or charged, your future may depend on having an experienced attorney by your side right away. Without effective representation at the outset, it may be more difficult to get a favorable outcome later on.

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