Chicago Sex Crimes Lawyer

Sex crimes are some of the most emotionally devastating and complicated types of Illinois criminal offenses. These cases often involve many nuances and the word of one person against another — and often with ambiguous physical evidence, making the story of what happened unclear.

Simply being charged with a sex crime can result in a stigma that affects your job and your relationships, not to mention the harsh penalties if you’re found guilty. Illinois law takes sex crimes very seriously. Many are charged as felonies and a conviction can lead to negative long-term consequences that may include:

  • A lengthy jail or prison sentence — up to life in some circumstances
  • Expensive fines and court fees
  • A requirement to register as a sex offender
  • A permanent criminal record as a sex offender that can limit your ability to obtain a job or rent housing
  • Legal restrictions on where you can work or live
  • Loss of custody of your children or restrictions on when and how you can see your children
  • Loss or denial of a professional license if you work as a teacher, doctor, nurse, pharmacist, lawyer, or another type of licensed professional
  • Changes to your immigration status, including loss of your visa or green card, denial of your citizenship application, and deportation to your native country

Because of the ambiguous nature of many sex crime allegations, it’s important to hire a Chicago sex crimes lawyer who will listen to your version of events with an open mind and who will ensure that your story is heard in court. Just as there are two sides to the story, there often are two interpretations of the evidence in a sex crime case. For example, DNA evidence may link you to an alleged victim, but can’t prove lack of consent.

You may be able to fight your sex crime charge with the help of a skilled Illinois criminal defense lawyer who understands how prosecutors use evidence and testimony to build a case against you — and how to effectively turn the process so that it works in your favor. With the help of a great defense lawyer, you may be able to avoid or reduce the very serious consequences of a sex crime conviction.

Experienced Chicago Criminal Defense

Chicago criminal defense attorney Michael O’Meara is a skilled legal advocate with more than 20 years of experience that includes successful resolution of countless criminal cases. He has been in practice as a defense lawyer for more than a decade and previously worked as a Cook County prosecutor. He has significant criminal trial experience, as well as a desire for justice that means he fights passionately on behalf of each person he represents.

O’Meara’s experience allows him to understand all sides of a criminal case and how they work in Chicago and the surrounding areas. He knows how prosecutors think and how they build cases, which means he brings a unique perspective to each case he defends. This has translated into a track record of success working on behalf of people charged with crimes in several counties in Illinois.

O’Meara understands that when you’re charged with a sex crime, your job, your family, your reputation, and your freedom are on the line. When you hire O’Meara Law LLC, he will work aggressively to protect your rights through every step of your case and to obtain the best possible outcome for your criminal charge.

Common Types of Illinois Sex Crime Charges

As an Illinois criminal defense attorney, Michael O’Meara has experience handling a broad range of criminal offenses, including numerous types of sex crimes. Among the types of cases O’Meara can handle include:

  • Sexual Assault — Criminal sexual assault involves non-consensual sexual penetration and is a felony in Illinois. The penalties vary depending on the circumstances of the charge, including the age of the alleged victim, your prior criminal history, the use of a weapon or a controlled substance to commit the offense, whether the alleged victim suffered physical injury, and other factors.
  • Sexual Abuse — Criminal sexual abuse involves non-consensual sexual touching, and can be a misdemeanor or a felony depending on the circumstances of the offense. Like criminal sexual assault, the penalties vary depending on a number of possible factors involved in the offense.
  • Prostitution — In essence, prostitution involves exchanging sexual acts for money or anything of value. The basic offense is a misdemeanor in Illinois, but it can be a felony under certain circumstances. Related crimes include solicitation, which involves making an offer of money or anything of value in exchange for sexual acts; patronizing a prostitute, which involves engaging in sexual acts with a prostitute or being in a place where prostitution occurs with the intent of engaging in sexual penetration; and promoting prostitution, which involves forcing someone into prostitution or arranging for someone to practice prostitution.

If you have been charged with criminal sexual assault, criminal sexual abuse, prostitution, or another type of sex crime in Illinois, don’t hesitate to contact O’Meara Law LLC at 312-909-0706 to schedule a consultation. During your appointment, you get a straightforward explanation of what to expect from the criminal legal process and an assessment of your options for a defense.