Domestic Battery Charges dropped for man in Cook County

Published: Nov 09, 2018, by admin in Assault & Battery, Crimes Against Peace & Public, Criminal Defense

A Chicago man was recently charged with Domestic Battery for allegedly hitting his wife during an argument. If found guilty of this charge, the man would not be eligible for court supervision due to the current law in Illinois for Domestic Battery charges. Knowing this, he hired Michael O’Meara to represent him. Mr. O’Meara had represented this client on a prior felony drug charge and he was able obtain a dismissal of that charge. Mr. O’Meara also represented this client on a previous Felony Aggravated Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol charge. O’Meara took that Felony DUI to trial and obtained a “Not Guilty” verdict. O’Meara was recently able to obtain a dismissal of the Domestic Battery charge. All of these cases are now eligible to be expunged.