Man Charged with DUI in DuPage County Retains License and Driving Privileges

Published: Sep 01, 2017, by admin in DUI

A DuPage County man faced the suspension of his driver’s license after being charged with DUI and allegedly refusing to take a breathalyzer test. This man qualified to have a breath device installed in his car, but his job prohibited it. This, combined with the prospect of losing his driver’s license – even for a year – was not a viable option, so he knew he needed legal help from a skilled Chicago DUI lawyer.
This led him to O’Meara Law LLC, where he retained experienced criminal defense attorney Michael O’Meara. Attorney O’Meara argued that his client’s main mode of transportation was a motorcycle and that this type of vehicle was not compatible with the breath device. Attorney O’Meara was able to save both his job and the expense of installing the breath device through fervent negotiation that resulted in the retention of his driver’s license and full driving privileges.

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