Choosing Your Chicago DUI Defense Attorney

Driving under the influence (DUI) in Illinois is no joke. Driving home after a couple of drinks with friends can easily land you behind bars and result in your license being suspended. Illinois DUI laws are aggressive and the system is designed to administer strong and deterring penalties.

There are many individuals who make the mistake of thinking that they can handle their DUI case by themselves. The reality is that there are a number of moving parts, starting from the moment you are arrested and charged, that can make your situation worse if you do not have legal representation from a Chicago DUI defense attorney.

While being represented is important, choosing the right lawyer for your case is a critical decision to make. Your chances of beating your charges will depend, at least in part, on the quality of your legal representation. To secure the right DUI defense attorney there are certain factors to be considered.

What to Look for in a Chicago DUI Defense Attorney?

If you find yourself charged with a DUI, your first step after being charged should be to secure an Chicago DUI defense lawyer can help. Finding the right legal representation can be as stressful and frustrating as being locked up. Here are some factors to consider in order to make your choice of a DUI defense attorney easier.

DUI Defense Experience

You might be thinking that it would be OK to just find a lawyer who has a practice in overall criminal defense. While criminal litigation experience is good, when facing a DUI charge you want to choose a lawyer who has experience handling DUI cases in the court where your case is pending. Your lawyer should understand not only the laws relating to your charge, but possess a wealth of experience defending individuals charged with DUI-related offenses.

Courtroom Experience

Courtroom experience is not only limited to civil litigation. The skill of being an aggressive advocate will come in handy for pre-trial motions and for trial. You will need a lawyer who knows his way around a courtroom and can present a very strong case in court.

Great Negotiation Skills

Many times, drivers are the victims of overzealous police officers, poor roadside field sobriety testing, or abuses of power. However, when you can show that your rights were violated, you may have a chance at having inaccurate test results or evidence obtained through illegal searches or arrests kept out of your case. Your DUI defense lawyer must possess the negotiating skills that can result in your charge being dismissed or reduced.


A busy lawyer will have a lot of clients and that might look impressive. Indeed, you want to know that your DUI defense attorney is in demand, but not to the exclusion and detriment to your case. Always seek to find out the availability of the lawyer you are thinking of hiring to handle your DUI case.

Making the right choice from the start is very important. Changing lawyers midway through your case can cause problems and delay your matter.

Why Should You Choose O’Meara Law?

For years, O’Meara Law has provided criminal defense representation to individuals facing DUI-related offenses. In fact, attorney Michael O’Meara possesses over two decades of experience in the criminal judicial system that includes having worked as a prosecutor in Cook County. He knows how to make strong arguments on your behalf and will fight to get the best possible result for you.

O’Meara has the skills and experience that can help you fight your DUI charge. He is willing and able to help you in your time of need and is committed to standing beside you throughout the process. If you are charged with a DUI in Chicago or the surrounding area, don’t leave your defense up to chance. Contact O’Meara Law today.