Chicago Alcohol Treatment Resources

If you’ve been convicted of a DUI, or if your license has been suspended because you refused or failed a blood alcohol content (BAC) test, you’ll have to jump through many hoops to get your driving privileges back. For DUI and many alcohol-related offenses, the completion of a substance abuse evaluation as well as classes and treatment programs may be conditions of your probation. Fortunately, there are many Chicago alcohol treatment resources at your disposal to help you get back on your feet again following a DUI.

Illinois DUI laws are strict. At minimum, you’ll have to complete a remedial class by a licensed provider. If you’re considered a moderate risk, you must also complete early intervention as well as provide continuing care status reports. If you’re considered a high risk, you’ll have to attend a recovery/support program and abstain from alcohol. You’ll need letters showing that these conditions have been met. It may not be a quick and easy process – even with a Chicago DUI lawyer on your side.

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What Is Alcohol Treatment?

Illinois and many other states require alcohol treatment classes as part of the punishment for a DUI conviction. In some cases, these classes can be taken to reduce harsher penalties. For example, you may opt for an extended period of alcohol treatment classes in order to avoid jail time or to reduce your fines.

These alcohol treatment classes teach you about the devastating consequences of drunk driving as well as the health effects of alcohol dependency. Some programs – like Alcoholics Anonymous – are held in group settings and focus on each person’s specific situation, fostering open and honest discussions in order to help you determine why you drink and how you can stop.

If you provide proof to the Secretary of State that you have completed these classes as well as other requirements, you may be allowed to drive again. If you’ve been ordered to attend classes as part of your criminal sentence, you may have to go to court again to face even more penalties if you don’t comply.

When choosing an alcohol treatment center, you must choose one that is approved by the state. Depending on the severity of the DUI and whether or not you are a repeat offender, you may have to attend classes for anywhere from 12 weeks to 30 months. Once you have completed the required classes, provide proof to the DMV office in order to get your license reinstated.

Treatment Centers in Chicago

There are hundreds of alcohol treatment facilities throughout Illinois. If you’re looking for one in the Chicago area, here are some centers to consider. All are outpatient facilities, while some focus on adolescents, women, and seniors. Some offer assessment services and detoxification.

Haymarket Center 
932 W. Washington Boulevard, Chicago, IL
(312) 226-7984

DUI Counseling Center at the Diversey Kimball Building
3411 West Diversey Avenue Suite 15, Chicago, IL
(773) 289-4841

DUI Professional Providers
111 North Wabash Avenue Suite 822, Chicago, IL
(312) 443-9400

Emages Inc.
110 East 79th Street 1st Floor, Chicago, IL
(773) 224-7386

Enhanced Clinical Solutions Inc.
200 East 75th Street Suite 400, Chicago, IL
(708) 344-0884

The Counseling Center Inc. – Chicago
7141 S. Jeffrey Blvd., Chicago, IL
(815) 455-3400

Gutierrez and Associates
505 North Lasalle Street Suite 400, Chicago, IL
(312) 222-1075

Living Trees Center Inc.
3801 West 63rd Street Unit 3, Chicago, IL
(773) 294-3788

New Hope Community Service Center
2559 West 79th Street, Chicago, IL
(773) 737-9555

Healthcare Alternative Systems Inc. – Women’s Program
1942 North California Avenue, Chicago, IL
(773) 292-4242

Rosemoor Assessment Substance Abuse Program Inc.
439 East 103rd Street, Chicago, IL
(773) 468-8000

Polish American Association – Starting Point
3834 North Cicero Avenue, Chicago, IL
(773) 282-8206 ext. 354

IDS Group Inc. – Chicago
1117 North Ashland, Chicago, IL
(312) 263-1131

Indiana Avenue DUI Service
1525 East 53rd Street Suite 614, Chicago, IL
(773) 684-8507

King Drive Counseling Assessment and Referral Services Inc.
370 East 63rd Street, Chicago, IL
(773) 324-5500

New Pathways Counseling Services
4040 North Kedzie Street 1st Floor, Chicago, IL
(773) 463-6997

DUI Alternatives Treatment Center
2656 W Montrose, Suite 103, Chicago, IL
(773) 463-0500

Latino Treatment Center – Chicago Office
3434 W. Peterson Ave, Chicago, IL
(773) 465-1161

Healthcare Alternative Systems Inc. – Outpatient Treatment
2755 West Armitage Avenue, Chicago, IL
(773) 252-3100

Legal Help When You’ve Been Charged with DUI

Illinois is strict when it comes to drunk driving. Even for a first-time offense, getting your driver’s license back can be a challenging process. You’ll need to go through some sort of alcohol treatment as well as pay fines and possibly serve jail time.

If you’re facing DUI charges, Chicago DUI lawyer Michael O’Meara can help. We’ll defend your rights at every stage of the criminal justice process with the aim of optimizing your case outcome.

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