Felony DUI Charge Dismissed For Cook County Man

Published: Apr 13, 2016, by admin in DUI

In Cook County, Illinois a man was recently stopped by police for speeding and subsequently charged with two counts of aggravated DUI because his license had been previously revoked and he had been convicted of two prior DUI’s. In the state of Illinois, aggravated DUI’s are considered felonies and the consequences are exponentially worse than DUI misdemeanors, including permanent license revocation, very steep fines, and substantial jail time. In addition to the grim possibility of facing years in jail, the man knew that a felony conviction would undoubtedly result in losing his job. In an effort to find the best possible outcome, he looked for lawyers with ample experience dealing with felony DUI cases and came across the Chicago law firm, O’Meara Law LLC.

As an experienced DUI attorney, Michael O’Meara reviewed the man’s case and demanded a trial, where he could fervently dispute the charges against his client. Ultimately the case did not go to trial because, on the day the proceedings were scheduled to begin, the prosecutor approached attorney O’Meara to discuss alternative options. These negotiations resulted in the prosecution agreeing to dismiss the felony DUI charge and amend the other charge to a lesser count of driving on a revoked license. Once the Judge approved this plea agreement, O’Meara’s client did not need to go through a stressful trial, but more importantly, he was spared from a life-shattering felony conviction and would not serve a day in jail.

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