Cook County Woman Keeps Job and Avoids Jail After A Fourth DUI

Published: Mar 18, 2016, by admin in DUI

A lot was on the line for a middle-aged woman in Cook County, when she was recently charged with 14 felony counts of aggravated driving under the influence (DUI) and aggravated driving on a revoked license after being arrested for her fourth DUI. The woman was transported to the hospital to have her blood drawn, where it was determined her BAC was three time the legal limit to drive.

Since a fourth DUI is considered a non-probational offense, if convicted she would potentially face at least three years’ imprisonment and an additional 90 days in jail because her BAC was triple the legal limit. With a rewarding career that required considerable travel, she was fearful about jeopardizing or worse yet losing her position altogether due to being incarcerated. She knew that she needed strong legal representation and contacted the skillful DUI attorneys at Chicago law firm O’Meara Law LLC.

Attorney Michael O’Meara engaged in several rounds of strategic negotiations on behalf of his client in an effort to preserve her livelihood and her freedom. Attorney O’Meara successfully negotiated for the prosecutors to dismiss all except one of the felony charges against his client, which removed the prospect of the three-year prison term. Additionally, in place of the 90-day sentence for being three times over the limit, Attorney O’Meara convinced the prosecutor and the Judge that his client would be better served by completing this condition through a 90-day alcohol treatment program, which would be more consistent with the help she needed. The Judge and prosecutors agreed and ultimately, the client entered the treatment program in place of spending significant time in jail and was able to preserve her career.

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