How Long Is a DUI on Your Criminal Record?

Published: May 05, 2017, by admin in DUI, Legal Blog

If you’ve been arrested, charged, or convicted of a DUI, you are probably wondering how long it will remain on your criminal record. Unfortunately, DUI convictions cannot get removed from criminal records–even years after the fact. However, DUI arrests and charges may be expunged from your criminal record if you obtain a dismissal or acquittal. A sealing may be an option if you were convicted.

If you have a DUI arrest, charge, or conviction on your criminal record are unsure of whether you qualify for an expungement or sealing, you owe it to yourself to contact Michael O’Meara, an experienced Chicago DUI defense attorney. He can guide you through the expungement or sealing process and make sure that there your application is timely and free of mistakes.

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The Expungement Process

To determine if you qualify for expungement, begin by consulting a Chicago DUI defense attorney. If you’ve been convicted of DUI, expungement is not an option. However, expungement is possible if you were only arrested or charged. If you do qualify, your lawyer will gather all the documentation necessary to get your DUI expunged from your criminal record. These documents may include police reports, paperwork from your court proceedings, and sentencing information.

Once your Chicago DUI defense attorney submits your Petition to Expunge with the Clerk of Courts for the Illinois County where you were arrested, it will take at least 60-days for it to be processed. You will be expected to pay a minimum of $120 for your application.

Sealing: An Alternative to Expungement

If you have been convicted of a DUI and are ineligible for expungement, your criminal record may be sealed. If your offense is sealed, the public won’t be able to view it even though there may still be a note indicating your record is sealed. Only law enforcement officials will be able to view your record and it will be hidden from prospective employers, school admission counselors, landlords and other individuals.

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A DUI can stay on your record and lead to serious ramifications that can affect your future employment and ability to support yourself and your family financially. A DUI conviction can also make it difficult for you to get approved for a loan, apply for housing, or get an education.

If you believe that you are eligible to get your DUI expunged or sealed, call Chicago DUI defense attorney Michael O’Meara with O’Meara Law at 312-909-0706 today for your free consultation.