Chicago DUI Checkpoints

Published: Apr 29, 2016, by admin in Criminal Defense, DUI, Legal Blog, Traffic

DUI checkpoints in Chicago are currently legal and active. Also known as roadblocks or mobile checkpoints, these designated stops allow police officers to protect the public from potentially inebriated drivers. Police can randomly stop and question vehicle occupants passing through a checkpoint, and conduct sobriety tests on suspicious drivers. According to the Center for Disease Control, DUI checkpoints can contribute to preventing ten percent of DUI-related fatalities. Common DUI checkpoints in Chicago include:

  • Grand Ave and Park Ave
  • Grand Crossing Area
  • Wentworth Area
  • Dan Ryan Expressway

It is required in Illinois to publicize the checkpoints ahead of time. You can learn more about when and where the chosen spots are at

What Happens If You Are Detained at a DUI Checkpoint?

Being detained at a Chicago DUI checkpoint for the first time can feel scary and overwhelming. You may or may not have been drinking prior to taking the wheel of a car. Regardless of the situation, you are still entitled to certain rights, such as:

  • Right to Remain Silent: While you must show valid license and registration to the responding officer, you do not need to answer questions if you feel uncomfortable.
  • Right Against Illegal Search and Seizure: The police do not have permission to search your vehicle without probable cause.
  • Right to an Attorney: If you are arrested on a DUI-related charge, you should contact an experienced Chicago DUI defense lawyer immediately.

Officers typically look for signs of intoxication, such as slurred speech, bloodshot eyes, or hints of alcohol on your breath. You may be asked to subject to a standard field sobriety test. However, if you refuse this test, the officer may still be able to arrest you based on his observations. In addition, you may be asked to take a Breathalyzer test. Under the implied consent rule, refusing a Breathalyzer can lead to one year of license suspension for a first offense, or three years of license suspension for multi-offense.

Penalties for a drunk driving offense can be severe in Illinois. You may lose your license, have to pay hefty fines, or even end up in jail. When you are charged with a DUI offense in Chicago, having the right Chicago DUI defense lawyer by your side can make a huge difference. A skilled attorney can help negotiate with the prosecutor or judge, and potentially get your charges dropped.

How a Chicago DUI Defense Lawyer from O’Meara Law Can Help

Criminal defense attorney Michael O’Meara holds years of experience in successfully defending clients and protecting their rights. Because he was formerly a DUI prosecutor, O’Meara truly understands how the legal system works on both sides. He uses his knowledge to help clients fight through the toughest cases. He will be able to evaluate the evidence against you, and build a strong line of defense.

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