Can I Rent a Car With a DUI on My Record

Published: May 12, 2017, by admin in DUI, Legal Blog

At some point in your life, you may have to rent a car to get around during a business trip or vacation. You may also need a rented vehicle to drive while yours is getting repaired. However, if you have a DUI on your record, renting a vehicle can be very difficult.

If you are charged with a DUI, your ability to rent a car may be in jeopardy. Consult an experienced Chicago DUI lawyer from O’Meara Law. A Chicago DUI lawyer can investigate your situation and explain your legal options.

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Car Rental Companies & DUIs

Most car rental companies have the right to check your driving record before renting a vehicle. Most car rental companies, such as Avis and Hertz refuse to rent a car to anyone who has been convicted of a DUI in the last 48 months. They also avoid renting vehicles to individuals who have had three or more traffic violations or convictions within the last 24 months. These violations or convictions may include reckless driving, accidents, leaving the scene of the accident, DUIs, and driving with a revoked or suspended license. Additionally, car rental companies do not offer rental vehicles equipped with ignition interlock devices (IID), so if you can only drive a vehicle with an IID, you’re out of luck.

Even if a car rental company does not conduct a driving record check initially, they have the right to check your record after the rental contract has been signed. In some cases, car rental employees may decide to check your driving record if they notice something strange about your behavior. Checking the driving records of customers has been more common in recent years as car rental companies have made every effort to reduce their losses and to avoid lawsuits.

If you are a frequent traveler with a DUI on your record, you may have to depend on taxis or rideshare services such as Lyft or Uber, which are less convenient and may be more expensive than renting a vehicle. To determine whether you’ll be able to rent a vehicle with a DUI, you should contact car rental companies directly.

Why the Car Rental Company Should Be Aware of Your DUI

Even if a car rental company does not check your driving record, you should still inform them of your DUI. If you fail to let them know and rent a vehicle, you may be liable for all costs if you become involved in an accident with your rental car. Many times, this warning is in the rental agreement’s fine print, which is easy to overlook.

Contact a Chicago DUI Lawyer at O’Meara Law

If you want to be able to rent cars without hassle, you should avoid a DUI conviction at all costs. For this reason, you should call a Chicago DUI defense lawyer immediately if you get arrested for DUI. Attorney Michael O’Meara can put his experience towards getting your DUI charges dropped or reduced.

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