Alcohol Abuse Common in Med Students

Published: Apr 08, 2016, by admin in Criminal Defense, DUI, Legal Blog, Student Crimes

According to a recent study by the Mayo Clinic, med students may be at greater risk for alcohol abuse. Due to the high stress and burnout rate associated with medical school, students often turn to alcohol for relief. In fact, almost a third of medical students surveyed reported dependence on alcohol. Some factors that contribute to stress and burnout include:

  • High educational debt
  • Emotional exhaustion
  • Pressure to succeed
  • Depression
  • Poor health and wellness

Unfortunately, alcohol abuse may also lead to increased instances of driving under the influence. This phenomenon is particularly relevant for young and unmarried medical students, who are more likely to attend parties and drinking events after classes and exams. However, when you are caught driving while intoxicated, the consequences can be severe. You may be expelled from medical school, and charged with a criminal offense.

Chicago Drunk Driving Offenses

Whether you are cruising around University of Chicago’s campus, or coming back from an event at Loyola University, getting behind the driver’s seat after consuming alcoholic beverages can be dangerous and illegal. If a local police officer suspects that you are driving under the influence, he can pull you over, and ask you to take a Breathalyzer or roadside sobriety test. Even when you do not feel intoxicated, your blood alcohol content level may be over the permitted 0.08 percent limit.

A DUI offense is considered a serious crime in Chicago, and upon conviction, you can be subject to harsh penalties, such as:

  • Jail time (up to one year for first offense)
  • Fines up to $2,500
  • License suspension
  • Permanent criminal record
  • Community service
  • Alcohol abuse or treatment programs
  • Significant increase in insurance rates
  • Civil liabilities (for aggravated DUI offenses that cause injury to someone else)

A Chicago drunk driving conviction can completely damage your future medical career and reputation. That’s why, when you are charged, you should consult with an experienced Chicago DUI defense attorney as soon as possible.

How a Chicago DUI Defense Lawyer Can Help

Chicago DUI cases can quickly become complicated, especially if your actions injured someone else. Having the right Chicago DUI defense lawyer on your side will be helpful on many levels. A skilled attorney will be able to:

  • Explain the charges against you
  • Build a solid plan of defense
  • Apply Illinois court rules to your advantage
  • Potentially rule out evidence that was improperly collected
  • Potentially reduce or reverse your charges
  • Negotiate with the prosecutor or judge for reduce sentencing

When you are charged with a DUI in the Chicago area, O’Meara Law, LLC is ready and prepared to help. Attorney Michael O’Meara holds years of experience in defending clients in DUI cases, and protecting their legal rights. He is familiar with Illinois DUI laws and the local court system, and can use his knowledge to help you reach the best possible outcome.

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